What Is Digital Marketing


Does A Website Need Digital Marketing?

What is Digital Marketing? Think of it as a digitized version of what a person experiences in their everyday physical life. It is a means of building their brand online on mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and more! It helps connect businesses with the world that is online and can help a business grow, and increase their ROI.

Digital Marketing In A Nutshell

Presenting your message, products, & service online in a very diverse way. Determining the best means to reach your target market, and developing a digital relationship to further client and business relationship. Leading to brand loyalty, and increase revenue both online and offline.

How Non-Digital World Finds Its Way Online

An example of non-digital marketing tool that is available as a digital marketing tool is a billboard ad, or even an ad on a bus, that right there is Marketing. It is bringing the advertisers message in front of potential customers. How does that relate to the digital world? Think of a time when on a website, and a banner ad appears on the screen, or a box ad appears showing a product a company is offering or that is on special. That right there is a way how marketing has shifted from the offline world to the online world.

Simply put Digital Marketing is a means of promoting your business and building your brand image online. If a company or business does it on buses, newspapers, billboards, so then why not online? In many respects, there can be a big benefit to advertising online. Keep reading to find out more about these benefits!

How Can Online Advertising Help The Non-Digital World?

That is a great question, and if you are asking this then you are on the right track. If you are not, do not worry I will highlight how online marketing can help offline marketing. Many make the mistake of thinking the two are not connected when the reality is that when the two are used together they are quite powerful.


This is a huge factor in making the connection for offline to online, and being able to measure data. When advertising in the real world, for example, you might take out a billboard ad, and now you know on average 10K cars pass by there every day, so you will leave it up for 1 month, and expect it to be seen at least 300K times.

Now think of this, can you measure the actual amount of people who saw the ad? Not really, unless you put a promotion code on it and have them enter it online, but that again ties into analytics being put in place to properly measure the traffic coming into your site.

Analytics will also help you determine the demographics of your audience, it is key to know who is looking at your website, and why they are there, also if they are converting. This online data can help shape non-digital marketing campaigns to better target your market, also more than 80% of Canadians are online, do you really want to miss out the chance of reaching them?

Lower Cost

This one is true and false at the same time, it all depends on your market and how you manage your online spend. But they key is that if you have this mostly in-house, or through an agency you will find in most cases it is cheaper to have a website, do SEO, and SEM on it versus sending out newsletters, and advertising in newspapers, or tv ads, handouts, etc.

Being Able To Do A/B Testing Without Fear

Doing A/B testing can be costly if doing it in a non-digital way, not saying that way is not effective but smaller business can't always spend so much, also being able to measure the data to see what works at a lower cost is much more enticing versus paying for a hefty bus ad for example.

Two versions of the same ad can be run online to target your core demographic and you can see how they react. This is also a great way to test non-existing clients, to see what entices them to become a client, follower, etc.

Expand Your Market At A Lower Cost

This can be overlooked, with being online you can reach people who are outside of your town, province, and even country! So long as you follow and respect the rules for the platform you are using it should allow you to advertise in other parts of the world.

This essentially is opening up the world to a mom and pops shop that might be around the corner. Many businesses are so efficient at capitalizing on this that they focus solely on online spend for their business. Think of it this way, want to see if your product is wanted in other markets but don't wish to spend a fortune right off the bat? This is a great way to test the waters and gain analytical data to help build strategies for the future campaigns. Also this way you do not have to physically be in the country to advertise and you can ship orders placed on your website.

Google My Business

What Is & Why Do I Require Google My Business?

Great question! The fact of the matter is that you need to have your business claimed online, so when people make searches they can pull up your business information. The most common type of information seen is the business hours, address, and directions. It also shows as it has been claimed and certified.

This is a great way to appear for local search from smartphones.

What Else Can I Put On G+?

For starters, you can also put up a business description, your website URL, and even pictures! It is a great way to start the first connection with a client or even help a returning client find your business.

Is There More To Digital Marketing?

Definitely! There is SEO, SEM, PPC, Display Ads, Social Advertising, Content Building, CRM, Reporting, Strategy Building, and more! As you can see it is not just one thing alone, and it is not alway necessary for people to invest all at once. The main thing is that you should think seriously about having a website if you do not already have one. It is the centerpiece of your digital strategy. This is just to help you get your feet wet and understand how vast and important the world of marketing online is, contact me to today to learn more!

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