SEO ServiceS IN Toronto

I offer SEO Consulting services in Toronto. I have experience doing SEO from an Agency side and In-House SEO. From Bakeries to Big Department stores, I have done SEO for them all. 

What I Do

SEO Strategy

After completing an SEO audit, I develop a roadmap to success that lays out what will be done each month or a week depending on what was agreed upon.

Once this has been approved I start to optimize for both on-Page SEO and off-page SEO.


Blog Articles

I provide blogs with all my services. Furthermore, I also create articles on leading publishing sites to help drive traffic to your website.

Sitemap & Website Hierarchy

I make sure your website sitemap is correct and up to date, along with making sure webmaster tools for Google, Bing and other SERPs have your website submitted to them. Along with this I check for crawl errors and work with your webmaster to correct them. 

Multi-channel Marketing

I not only look at how to implement SEO, but I also optimize for multi-channel marketing. This means I am looking at your social profiles, your YouTube channel, blog pages, and any other means you use to optimize online.

Product Reviews

I perform a detailed SEO audit looking at your existing page and content, keywords, backlinks and provide a list of what is working and what isn’t. Along with this I provide a SWOT analysis with tips and suggestions on what can be done to improve your online ranking. 

Creative Copywriting

All of the copy I provide to you is original and not plagiarized. Just like in academia, copying someone else work is frowned upon. I make sure to create unique content, and source information when applicable. 

I’m ready when you are! Lets start ranking your website online today!