About Me

I’m Nadeem Lodhi. An SEO and Digital Marketing Specialist with over 7yrs of Experience.

Who Is Nadeem Lodhi?

My Story

I officially started my Digital Marketing career in Toronto in 2014. However, what was originally a hobby for making websites and creating content since 2004, eventually evolved into my career and passion.

I have managed SEO campaigns when working for Yellow Pages, did in house reporting and SEM optimization for Groupe Media TFO, and handled the Digital Marketing efforts for Muscular Dystrophy Canada.

Career highlights


Over 7 years experience. in digital marketing.


Have been doing SEO since 2014


Optimized Google Ads & Bing Ads with a $500 to $2,000 monhtly budget.


Ran and optimized the 2018 Giving Tuesday Campaign For Muscular Dystrophy Canada raising over $25,000.


Redesigned and Optimized monthly and weekly reporting for Groupé Media TFO Digital Properties.


  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Google Ads & Bing Ads
  • Project Management
  • Microsoft Suite
  • E-mail Marketing
  • Adobe Suite
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Google Analytics

Experienced In Optimizing Digital Strategies To Their Full Potential, Are You Next?


My Educational Background

I completed my education from Concordia University, (Montreal, Canada) in 2009 after completing my BSC in Political Science. My focus was on Communications and Business & Politics. This helped me fine tune my analytical ability which I use each day in my dad to day job, as well as critical thinking.

From CEGEP John Abbott I completed my studies in Business, obtaining a Diploma of Collegial Studies in Commerce.

After I graduate from university, I started working in a Non-Digital Marketing position in Montreal for 1 year. The following year I joined the Digital Marketing field professionally in Toronto, Ontario. Having extensive experience with Website UX audits, and website design for industry specific websites. I can tailor my SEO strategy to help organically grow your business.

Growing up in Montreal allowed me to become fully Bilingual, which allows me to run campaigns in both English and French.

My Passion

My father was a Graphic Artist by trade, and it rubbed off on me. From the age of 6, I watched my father work on Photoshop, and it inspired my creativity and passion for graphic design. Also as a hobby, I started to learn HTML when I was 13, which eventually brought me to web design and Digitial Marketing.

My mother was a Marketing Specialist, and from her I learned to pay close attention to detail, and how data helps plan and execute effective online strategies, that and a bit of luck helps too.

My Approach

For every client I work with or for every company I have ever worked for, I approach it with the mindset of this is my business and I need to make sure we are successful. I believe in putting my heart and soul into my work.

This is why I never work with a large number of clients, specifically, I work with a small group of clients to make sure I don’t spread myself to thin, and that I have the time I need to elevate your businesses online presence.

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